Sancoa Construction Consultants was founded in 2010, to assist the South African Construction industry with various disciplines, from Health and Safety, Quality Management, Environmental ,Employment Equity and Technology related consulting.

Sancoa have also partnered with various suppliers to the industry to negotiate good procurement rates on various products. One of the biggest needs is that of PPE.

We have successfully supplied PPE to various EPWP contractors nationally.

We currently supply the industry with Electronic Documents which is:

OHS File, ISO Quality Management System, Health and Safety Plan, Environmental Plan, Quality Management Plan and Employment Equity Plans.

Sancoa also outsources SHE Officers to help contractors with auditing of sites.

Our Technology department:

Have helped various contractors to design Professional  logos, Websites and customised Software to help contractors with a professional image and business continuity with software.


Sancoa was founded by a young previously disadvantaged individual with a passion to see the Construction Industry become a professional industry.

Sancoa grew from a startup to a flourishing business under his leadership and have successfully done work for over 700 contractors nationally.